David Garrett is a German born classical and crossover violinist. He is a Guinness Book of World Record Holder and began his musical career at the age of 11 when the president of Germany gave him his first Stradivarius. Since then, David has performed in countries all over the world and even joined the 9th Independent Music Awards judging panel to help independent musicians' careers. A graduate of Julliard Music School in New York, here we pay tribute to the immense talent that is David Garrett.
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David Garrett - ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


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David Garrett - Viva La Vida

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Anonymous Asked:
Does David have a girlfriend/wife?

At the minute, I think he’s single. He said that he finds it hard to maintain relationships when he’s travelling.

"Either it means someone has to travel with me – which I’ve tried and it has never worked out – or they’re at home while I’m away most of the time."

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Thank you guys for the love about seeing David in concert! I might head to the UK or Germany someday! I might not have a choice in the matter!! ;)

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Have you ever been to one of his concerts?

Sadly, no. I live in Ireland and David has never ventured over this far yet but I’d love to someday!

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Good to see him finally relaxing. ❤️

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David Garrett plays Beethoven’s 5th Symphony (x)

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David Garrett - Happy Birthday

So today fyeahdavidgarrett turned 1! Crazy to think I’ve had this blog for a year and there are nearly 500 of you already! That’s more followers than my personal blog has gotten in 3 years!
Thank you for all your support and here’s to many more years full of David Garrett!

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David listening to a blind cancer patient playing piano in Seoul.