David Garrett is a German born classical and crossover violinist. He is a Guinness Book of World Record Holder and began his musical career at the age of 11 when the president of Germany gave him his first Stradivarius. Since then, David has performed in countries all over the world and even joined the 9th Independent Music Awards judging panel to help independent musicians' careers. A graduate of Julliard Music School in New York, here we pay tribute to the immense talent that is David Garrett.
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David’s Rock n Roll tattoo

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Anonymous Asked:
Does David really have the tatoo Rock 'n Roll on his fore arm?

He does indeed. :)

He has it on his right forearm. I’ll post the pic in a mo! :)

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Interviewer; David, you've referred to you once as
part of the MTV generation
- what specifically does that mean?

David Garrett; I grew up in a time with many vices,
Consumerism, Internet, TV, etc.
That belongs to everything these days.
That's why I know what young people respond.
Of course, I'm grown up with the tradition
of classical music,but today it makes me just as much fun,
a bit exhaust the possibilities,
and not just to play purely classical.

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Paganini: The Devil’s violinist…


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New Thomas Sabo Range!

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How can he be so f***in` gorgeous, talanted and breathtaking ?!

David Garrett